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rauljuliawasagod asked: All this time I thought he was saying PEACE and carrots. The secret to unlocking the peas and carrots case is to figure out the ketchup and baby tears shampoo formula. Also, remember that everything passes eventually. All the pain, all the joy, everything. Make the most out of everything. Let's all be happy, yo.

And I can’t figure out both.

I’m actually not doing that well with everything but it’s not because of the fact that she’s gone…it’s the fact that unless my dad decides not to go, I’ll have to face my fear and deal with the family at the funeral which isn’t really much of a funeral (they’re going to say a few words and bury her). It’s so bad that I’m like, “If the tickets weren’t ‘Will Call,’ I’d ditch the concert in two weeks.” Of course that I’m already annoyed because I’m going by myself and I hate being alone these days. 

I really hope it passes soon.

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Mod post

Sorry those last two didn’t have photos. They were not only rather long winded but also I’ve just been in a serious funk physically and emotionally.

My grandmother died this past Tuesday (Aug. 12). She was my dad’s mother and my dad is from a family that would make the Bundys of Married With Children look like The Cleavers of Leave It To Beaver. So I’m not only dealing with the loss but the fact that my family is not being civil to anyone. I won’t go into too many details but I’ll just tell you this: It’s rather fucked up to find out your grandmother died because your brother’s friend found out from the mailman. 

I’m not only dealing with that but the stress of everything has made my physical pain go up big time. I have both Fibromyalgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Type I which was formally known as RSD). I’m hurting physically big time and right now I’m waiting for my next appointment with a specialist in Philadelphia which isn’t until September.

I have a ton of confessions in the inbox and I’ll get to them. I won’t shut down the inbox because they’re easy to make since all I have to do is open Pola after getting the photos and insert text but I just wanted to tell you all if you don’t get your confession up right away, this is why. Thanks for understanding and for visiting the blog!

Peas & Carrots (what the hell does that mean anyway?)


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Another long-winded confession

Not so much of a confession but a sharing! This is also about how I became I Grobanite. It’s actually a very long process that covers up my entire life but three important things happened in my Grobie life. First, I was introduced to his music when I was in kindergarten. My parents were planning on getting a Church wedding and wanted me to sing The Prayer. None of the plans pushed through but I found out about Josh. Second, in the sixth grade, my school used You Raise Me Up as the opening prayer. It was a very hipster moment in a sense that I was so proud that of all the sixth graders, I was the only one who knew the song and the singer. So I checked him out on youtube. That was were the attraction started. And the last, most important event in my Grobie life, was when I was a high school freshman. It was vacation time and we were in my cousin’s car. He was playing She’s Out Of My Life and I recognized the voice but instead of asking “is that Josh Groban?” I asked “who is that?”. And so came the “oh you’re not a real fan, you don’t even know all of his songs.” So that’s when I started memorizing all of his songs, collecting all of his pictures, checking all of his updates, and all that crazy stuff. It has lessened now but that’s because he has stated that the chances of him dating a crazy fan is very low, as well as school. So that is all. So sorry for the long message, hahaha.

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I just got this one

I don’t have space to put it on a photo so I’ll just paste the text. I’ll let you all read it and translate it any way you want. 

Sorry for this rant-confession, I just needed to get this off my chest. If it’s too long you can turn it into 2 confessions or something.

I’m a proud Grobanite for over 3 years now. However, there’s some kinds of Josh-fans that really annoy me.

Firstly there’s the fans that seem to not like what Josh has been doing lately, such as his acting career & hosting Rising Star. It’s fine to have your own opinion & not like what he’s doing. It’s not okay to shout it out 24/7 and tell Josh personally on Twitter about how he should “stick to the music”.

If you were a good fan, you’d be loyal & stick with Josh through whatever projects he’s working on. I’m sure he’d appreciate that.

Then there’s the kind of fans that obsess over Josh constantly. I follow a few people on Twitter (not saying names) who spam Josh photos all the time & think they’re “Mrs Josh Groban”.

OH COME ON! If I had the guts, I would sit them down and give them a reality check. All us Josh-fans dream of having some kind of relationship with him. Yet in reality we all know that we’ll never be with him, let alone be “Mrs Josh Groban”.

(P.S. I’m okay with the spam of JGro photos of Tumblr, ‘cause it’s acceptable on there. Yet when it’s on Twitter it can get rather annoying. Twitter is for reading tweets & seeing some photos, not being spammed constantly with picture after picture)

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verobailly asked: The question you had about how you became a fan is interesting, everybody should tell it. So, I confess mine. One day, I look "Ally Mcbeal" She's defending a young man and spoke with him in an elevator . I thought "this guy is ugly." But when I heard him singing in the church, I was struck by his voice, my whole being was returned. Then the years have passed, and I heard the song "you raise me up" I immediately found the same inner vibration, the same upheaval. I thought "OMG! It's him!"

I never even saw what he looked like at first. It was the Noel CD cover that was the first time I saw what he looks like. image

I saw that and I was thinking, “He’s kinda cute.” I bought the CD as a gift for my aunt around Christmas time and she said to me, “He’s cute, don’t you think?” I did see photos of him from the Ally McBeal days and I was thinking, “Even if I saw what he looked like then, I’d probably say he’s cute.” 

What can I say…I like nerdy guys. LOL